Saturday, 3 January 2015

1/16 Pz IIIn

My Heng Long 1/16 Pz IIIn. 

I did this some years ago, not based on any particular tank, just wanted a PzIII that was a bit different from the standared HL's.

Some pic's of the build

It's got the HL recoil in it which is smaller then the BB gun so I could make the storage bin a bit shorter.
I had to scratch build a bracket to mount it all, using the lugs off the airsoft unit.

It slots together and the recoil unit is secured with a tiger track pin (top hole) and a screw in each side

It all fits in the turret rather snugly

It all felt a bit loose so I added a bit of tubing (an old ariel) to each lug so now the gun doesn't wiggle about.

One thing I've learnt when scratch building stuff is that it's easy to make things look good and work properly, the hard part is doing both of those and make it servicable.

The first tank I rebuilt worked great until one day something broke and I had to tear it apart to fix it.

Added the side  shurzens rails, smoke launchers, reworked the extra track armour.

Added bearings to the driveshafts and Idler wheels, raised the return rollers, added debris covers over the air intakes,  tin mudflaps and a few other bits and bobs.

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  1. My favourite build of yours warren