3D printed parts for sale.

Many of the things I've printed in this blog and a lot of things that aren't on my blog are available form my Shapeways shop



I have almost two hundered different items in my Shapeways shop below is a list of just some of the parts -

M7 Priest (Heng Long M4 Conversion).

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun-

Browning M1917 30cal-

Browning 1919A4 30cal-

Mount for the Browning 30 cal Machine gun

Lewis Machine Gun

M3 Grant turret weapons

M3 Lee/Grant 75mm M2 main gun

M3 Lee/Grant 75mm M3 main gun

M3 Lee/Grant 75mm M2 main gun with counter weight

M4 Sherman Split Hatch.

Three piece transmission cover for the Heng Long M4 Sherman

M4a1 Sherman Engine Deck

M4a4 Sherman Engine Deck

Various M4 Sherman wheel types

M4 Sherman Small Hatch Conversion Kit

M4 Sherman Air Filters

Firefly Turret Radio Box

Firefly QF 17-pounder Muzzle Brake


IDF M50/M51 Engine decks for the HengLong M4 Sherman (3 versions, early, mid and late)

M50 Turret Extension and Manlet

M50 Super Sherman Muzzle Brake

M50/51 Super Sherman Tool Box

M50/51 Super Sherman Large Rear Stowage Bin

M50/51 Jerry Can Holders.

M50/51 Super Sherman Rear Turret Bustle

M50 Sherman Travel Lock

M50/51 Jerrycan Brackets.


105mm Howitzer (Basic and detailed versions)

105mm Howitzer Ammo

M1897A4 75mm Anti Tank Gun.

75mm Ammo

Six  20L Jerrycans


M41 Bulldog rear lights

M41 Bulldog Ventilator Cover

Early Panzer Smoke Candles

Late Tiger 1 Loaders Hatch

Pz IV Ausf. E front.

Panzer IV Auxillary Exhaust

Panzer IV Front Glacis Track Holders

Early Pz IV Turret side hatches

Stug III Periscope Guard

Whirbelwind 2cm Flak 30/38 spare barrel boxes.

2cm Flak 30/38 Flash Suppressors

Some of the parts have also been resized for other scales 1/18 1/20 1/24.

28mm scale

Four 28mm Fifty gallon fuel drums (for warhammer 40k etc)

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