Thursday, 29 May 2014

1/16 Matorro King Tiger Build (completed)

My 2nd King Tiger build.
This one's a Matorro KT with all the zimmerite removed,

Strengthened the hull, suspension, wheel shafts and beefed up the idle wheels.

 Wheels and tracks fitted for testing.

Gearboxes fitted and plasticard added above the tracks.

All the running gear fitted and tested. The block of polystyrene is to add a bit of strength and makes the tank sound more solid. Also you can see the position of the on/off switch and volume control.

Changed the position of the gun pivot. The old position meant that the Matarro gun had virtualy no elevation and depression.

Below is a selection of gun barrels.

HL Porsche
Scratch built one for my JagdPanther (this is closest to scale)
Start of a new one using the Mattarro outer sleeve.

Removed the Zimmerite and coverd it with Milliput.

Added the barrel and some of the fittings

Almost ready for painting

Undercoat done, ready for painting

Basic paint done.

Couldn't decide what colour scheme to do so I decided to do, so I've done a KT thats had its turret replaced in the field. That way I get to do two different colour schemes :) .

Got some weathering done-

Now to put it all together then do the finishing touches.

Weathering done and tracks on-

Needs some gubbins to go on it and a bit of touching up then it's done.

The Finished tank is HERE

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