Monday, 23 June 2014

1/16 M7 Priest Build

 I've been working on a 3d printed M7 Priest conversion to go on a Heng Long M4 Sherman lower hull. I'm using a 1/35 Revell M7 to scale up from as well as loads of images and diagrams I've found on the net.

This is going to be a rough build (0.2mm at high speed) just so I can work out all the sizes.

So far I have got the basic hull done (due to the limited size of my print bed the top hull will be in three parts)-

On the finished print the front will all be one part

After printing the back out I realised that the 1/35 M7 that I've been scaling up from is uses a different type of Sherman lower hull so I am going to have to change the back end.

Fixed the back and sorted out the bb gun mount and machine gun post.

Closer look at the main gun-

Also printed out the rear storage bins-

I decided to give the hull a thin coat of "Holts Kniffing Putty" as it's easier to sand then the PLA. It made the hull a bit stiffer as well.

Also gave the gun shields a coat-

Printed out the exhaust grill and the spare track boxes that go on the front-

Another quick update-

Got most of the main body fixed together. Now to work out the canvas cover that goes over the crew compartment-

Fitted the gun rotation gears and added a engine grill-

I realized I hadn't worked out where the battery was going so I tried it out and "phew" it fit without interfering with the gun elevation. The rest of the electronics go under the engine deck.

Made a part for the smoker so I can use one of the tubes to refill-

When it's glued in place it'll help strengthen the back end.

Sorted out the gun elevation

And made a crew compartment cover (to hide all the inner workings).

Started adding the outer fixtures

More gubbins added 

Almost ready to paint.

Decided to give it a three piece transmisson cover

Started painting. I'm using vallejo Model Air (043 Olive Drab) for the base colour. 

 Oh Bum. Installed the gearboxes and the transmission cover wouldn't fit. The cover works fine with standard gearboxes but I forgot that I had to fit low profile gearboxes into this.

So I had to cut down the sides of the gearboxes,. The main problem is the final gear on the right side gearbox (left in this picture) as this sits nearer the middle of the tank whereas the final gears on the standard gearboxes sits closer to the hull side.

Had to grind down part of the inside of the transmission cover-

Job done-

Phew that's a relief. 

Almost done, just needs some stowage, a bit more weathering then the electronics fitting-



  1. Like what you are doing here!


  2. Great work Warren!!! I've seen some of your parts at Shapeways. Are you planning to offer your 105mm parts on Shapeways? I just bought a RC M16 Half Track and I would love to convert it into a T19. That's why I'm asking about your 105mm.

  3. Nice work Warren indeed. I am waiting to see the parts show up on Shapeways?! We all use HL shermans and conversion parts are welcome! Can you send me an email about the same?