Saturday, 2 August 2014

WSN 1/16 T-34 Build

I've posted a few videos of my T-34 so here's the build-

So to start-

I filled in each of the suspension arms to make them stiffer then bolted the to the chassis which has been strengthened with plasticard (I'm using plasticard because I'm trying to keep the weight down).

 Then the wheels are bolted on

 The front has been braced with some metal tubes. The front suspension arm is bolted into the tubes using Rawplugs and there is a metal rod running tubes so the can still turn independently-

 I've put a metal tube with bushes in the ends  between the rear gears-

 I picked up some cheap Tam gearboxes but had to grind down the drive shaft to fit a gear off an old HL, and mounted the GB's to an aluminium plate.-

The GB's slot into a bracket and are held in place with two bolts. This'll allow me to be able to take the GB's out easily for maintenance-

 (The bolt heads need grinding down a bit)

I glued the front onto the tank and added a sheet of plastic card to the front with two tabs sticking out. I also added small magnets where the screws would go in the top and bottom. Now the top just slots into place.

 I added a all'y bracket to the back and threaded it so the back is held in place by two grub screws-

 (don’t worry the last pic is blurred, it’s not your eyesight going.)

Hmm things are looking tight-

Decided to flip the main board and give it a test run ( I’ve just taped things in place for now).

 Everything works great so far.

Forgot to add that the suspension springs have been blocked up with bits of plasticard to stop the entire thing dropping on it’s belly. The 2nd and 3rd road wheels have had 4mm added and the 4th 5mm and the 5th road wheel has had 6mm added. It worked just fine and the tank sits at about the right height and the suspension still works fine.

I had to make some replacment exhausts because I've lost  original ones (they'll turn up when I've finished painting this one). Also I decided to change the mesh at the back-

Here's the bushings I've added to the wheels-

I used a bit of tubing and an old transmitter areial.

Click HERE to see the finished thing.

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