Friday, 12 September 2014

1/16 Three piece transmisson cover for the M3 / M4 based tanks.

So I decided to do a simple chop and swop three piece transmission for the M3 and M4 based tanks (M10, M7 etc)

Three piece transmission in nine pieces

Off the print bed they need some bits cutting off (in red) and a quick sanding to make the joining edges smooth.

Then slot each end piece over the side and mark it off-

Now you can see (in red) what needs cutting off-

 (maybe doing it over a red carpet wasn't a good idea.)

Dry test fit-

Now glue the two of the front curved parts onto the middle transmission cover bolt holes facing in. (this is best done with the part led on its side on a smooth surface). Then glue the two outer  parts of the cover onto the middle part-

The glue the last two curved parts into place-

The sides of the gearboxes need a trim (circled). The left gearbox is how they come and the right as been trimmed. You need to trim all four sides.

Then with a bit of filler (I use Halfords knifing putty), some sanding, milliput welding and a few plastic bolts it almost looks like the real thing (well as close as you can get without some major modelling.)

Forgot to show how to add the towing brackets.


  1. The way you cut the tranny apart to get pieces to produce that will be clean and sharp detain is perfect. That makes assembly and fitting easy. Nice job.

  2. Thanks. One of the challenges with 3D printing is designing the parts to the best of the printers abilities.