Wednesday, 15 July 2015

1/16 scale M1897A4 75mm AT gun

Quick guide on how to assemble my M1897A4 on Shapeways-

Stage 1

Most of the parts don't need gluing  as they should move freely (a bit of sanding and drilling may be needed).
First you need to cut the spruce off-

Sunday, 5 July 2015

1/16 Pz Kpfw I AusfB (build)

I know I said no more new projects until I finished some of the ones I've already started but I almost got a good deal on a Panther. That got me thinking, with a Panther I'd have all the German Panzers that went into production during WWII apart from two (PzI and Pz II).

I went away last weekend  (couldn't do any modelling) so armed with my laptop, George Bradford's "German Early War AFV's", a ruler and Google image search, I got to work on the first production Panzer. As this was going to be my first all printed tank it seemed a good idea to start on something small and easy. Over the last week in between printing parts for other people I managed to do this-