Wednesday, 15 July 2015

1/16 scale M1897A4 75mm AT gun

Quick guide on how to assemble my M1897A4 on Shapeways-

Stage 1

Most of the parts don't need gluing  as they should move freely (a bit of sanding and drilling may be needed).
First you need to cut the spruce off-

Stage 2

Breech and two pins

The breech is shown in the loading position. Rotate it 180 dg's anti clockwise for the firing postion.

Stage 3 

Carefully prize the gun carriage onto the base section (you may need to file the lugs on the carriage down a bit).

Stage 4

Dampers and pin-

The dampers  slot onto the two pins shown in stage 2 and the red pin slots into the bottom (the red pin can be replaced with a 2mm metal rod for extra strenght.

 Stage 5

The handles are the only parts that need gluing

 When assembled it should look something like this-



  1. Hi
    I just purchased this do you any pics of it installed in a torro halftrack.?
    Regards Ken

  2. I don't have any pic's, sorry.

    I made this for sombody else and I don't know if they got round to finishing it. I'll see if I can track them down and get some images.

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  4. Hi
    Thanks for that very much appreciated .
    If you like I can send you some pics of mine when finished ...?

    Regards Ken