Sunday, 4 October 2015

1/16 PzKpfw II Ausf F (Build)

Almost finished my Pz I so I've been printing out the parts for my next project-

Thats the bulk of the printing done, just a few bits like the manlet, exhausts and tracks left to do.

Got the gun barrels off  Shapeways.

Made a start gluing all the parts together-

Tried out the suspension and added more to the upper hull-

And added the rubber tyres to the wheels -

Brass bushing in the wheels-

and suspension arms-

All fitted-

With the top on-

My gearboxes have arrived, now I can start on the drive sprocket, tracks and idler-

Put them together and its a perfect fit (even room for a good battery)

Bit more done-
Clamps with bearings to give the drive shafts more support

Sprocket and idlers done

21 links wrapped around the sprocket perfectly so that's a good start on the tracks-

Finished the links on one side. They seem to roll OK so now to do the other side then add the tread.

added a few bits and bobs-

Finished the tracks (only took a month)


Base coat-

The finished tank can be found here

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