Friday, 27 November 2015

1/16 Challenger 2 (Build)

OK so I've had my Chally 2 for a month now so guess it's time to redo it.

No major mod's yet as I want to see what aftermarket kits come out (tracks wheels etc) so I'm just doing some cosmetic changes first.

Start with the front armour upgrade-

Been putting this off as I didn't want to chop up a new tank-

Filled in the gap (looks sporty)-

Side armour added-

Decided to add some Bar Armour-

The BAR armour is fixed to the upper hull and slots onto the rear brackets.

Got metal wheels and tracks coming my way so I'll have to start beefing up the lower hull.

Decided to add bearings to the drive shafts. The biggest problem is that by fitting bearings to the hull of the tank it makes it difficult to get the gearboxes out so I've made removable bearing housings that slot into a fixed mount-

You can just about see the grey mount inside-

There are four bearings (with spacers) in the housing. The end is sealed so the don't come out.-

The housing sticks out a bit (but not so it fouls the sprocket) which'll help take the strain.

Took it out for a test spin (video to follow) and it works great. It's still got the nylon gears (still breaking in the metal ones) and was surprised how well the did. They ran faultlessly and didn't skip once in about 30 mins running around. I even had it doing 360's on carpet with out any problems apart from losing the odd track pad every now and again.

Quick video of the running gear test-

Added rubber (bicycle inner tube) mud flaps to the front-

And added more the the rear BAR armour-

They're all hinged.

Added bearings the the steels gearboxes-

and started detailing the hull with the pink tinted drivers vision block-

GPMG from Shapeways-

Use GunBlue to blacken the tracks,sprockets and idlers-

I want to be able to get into the turret without taking the tank apart so the turret top will be held in place with magnets/clips. This means that the gun needs mounting to the turret bottom. Also one of the things that bugs me about this tank is the fact that the gun doesn't go lower then the level of the engine deck. So I've modified the elevation unit so the gun can be lowered below the horizontal and automaticaly raises as the gun rotates over the back.
Printed a bracket to hold the modified recoil/elevation unit-

Printed out a mold to make a latex recoil gaitor

This was Version 1 which isn't quite right so I'm working on V2.

Printed some targeting lenses-


  1. Super work, this is going to look great.

  2. How did you make the add on armour please?