Sunday, 8 November 2015

1/16 KV-2 (Build)

Picked up a couple of KV-1's and decided to convert one into a KV2 (and I wanted a break from Panzer tracks). Managed to get to bulk of the parts designed and printed in a day-

Test dry fit-

 I pushed my printer to its limit so I could print the turret in under six hours. It is a bit of a mess but nothing that can't be easily cleaned up.

Thats the outside done-

Plenty of room inside for all the gubbins-

You can see from this picture how rough the printing was but it cleaned up well so no problem.

The BB unit has a pellet tray fix on top

Elevation unit. It was a pain getting this in the right position so it would work right.

All slotted and screwed into place-

That's it, all ready to paint-

Wanted this to be a quick build so I'm not letting myself get bogged down with the detail.

Missed a lot of steps but after
Vallejo Olive drab Surface Primer
3 coats of Vallejo Russian Green
Gloss varnish
White wash

I ended up with - A big white tank.

After attacking it with a big wet brush and some kitchen roll I've ended up with- A big mess.

I've only ever tried the hairspray trick on a test 1/76 scale stug and I'm quite pleased with the result.

 Now to mix up some mud.

Click HERE to see the end result

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