Wednesday, 20 July 2016

3D printed 1/16 scale M7 Priest

This is a new version of my M7 Priest that will be available on Shapeways. -

It now has the gun carriage and more detailed inside. Designed to fit the Heng Long M4 Sherman hull (the gearboxes will need trimming).

I've broken it down into several parts-

The Hull-

The Floor -

The Gun Mount-

The Howitzer and carriage-

Gun detail parts (and gearbox cover bolts (not shown))-

How to put it together-

This two lugs need cutting off then gluing in to place when the gun has been installed-

This pin holds the Gun Mount to the Floor section

Make sure that the armoured part can pivot.

Glue to the end of the pivot and the bracket. Make sure you don't glue it to the Gun Mount.

When gluing this part it is important that you see below-

You need to make sure that the gun can slide on the runners. The tolerences are very tight so you my need to file a bit away.

Glue this to the floor section.

The spring will need two pins at both ends.


  1. Looks excellent.
    Any idea when it will be available for purchase.

  2. Hopefull in the next week or so. I'm uploading the parts and getting them through the Shapeways auto checks.

  3. Looks good I am looking forward to it.

  4. It's all up on Shapeways -

    Hull -
    Floor -
    105mm Howitzer -
    Gun Mount -
    Gun Detail -
    Handles / Rails -

    Also these might be handy-

    Ammo -

    Detailed Ammo -
    Ammo in transport cases -
    Ammo in cases with the tops removed -

  5. Hi Woz
    Recently had stuff from you through shapeways and was most impressed.
    Does the gun detail include the gunsight and panoramic binocular mount?
    Cheers. Stu

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  7. What do you suggest i do for lights for the front of the m7 priest i have order'd from shape ways ? This bloging is new to me.

  8. Do you any photos of you installing carriage to the hull of the sherman?