Monday, 10 October 2016

1/16 Panther G (Build)

Now I finished my Pz IV it's time to get started on the Pz V.

Picked up cheap 2nd hand Panther G some time ago and bought the taigen Panther hull from

Added some bearings to the idlers and turned some shafts on a drill.

Made some bearing housings for the drive shafts.
(Shapeways Link)

These slot onto the drive shafts.

and the transmission covers keep them in place.

Put the sprockets and tracks on then gave it a quick test run-

Some of the wheels came lose so I'll have to drill/file the shafts to give the grub screw something to bite into. Very impressed with the Taigen hull though I'm going to have to move the switchs into the rear stowage box and remove the recharge socket (I never recharge the battery inside the tank.)

Added some detail to the tool racks and spare track hangers-

Added Sch├╝rzen Brackets and finished off the tools-

Without skirts-

With skirts-

The tools-

Added lids to the rear stowage bins -

Spare track holders, periscopes and a bit of welding-

Added a part to the hull release. This covers the hole and as it's sloped it'll hopefully snag less)-

Gearboxes broken in and I used PTFE bicycle chain lube. Covered with a plastic milk carton-

Bit more detail to the turret. Debris grills on the engine vent and tow cable holders -

Ready for painting-


My take on the splinter camo-

The finished model is HERE

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