Tuesday, 14 April 2015

1/16 IDF M50 (Build)

I've been making parts for a couple of guys who are building IDF M50/51's. I thought these tanks are based on the HVSS Shermans and as I have no spare Tam hulls I didn't think about making one. But then I came across this pic-

M50 with VVSS. So with some of my test/waste parts I set about building my own IDF tank-

Here's some of the printed parts-

I'm using the late pressed wheels (D)

And this is how it looks so far

Managed to get a bit more done -

A few hull parts, three piece transmission cover, and the grousers on one side.

Got a few more bits and pieces done-

All most ready to paint-

1st undercoat-

OD primer-

Base colours and unit markings-

Almost done (it looks completely different in daylight)-

The end result can be found HERE

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