Thursday, 9 April 2015

3D model from photos

Tonight I discovered a new bit of software "123D Catch" which converts photos into 3D models.

1st take lots of pics-

Then let the software do it's magic and all you need to do is edit the background-

Then export it as a 3D object-

OK I know it's rough bit but I've only had a few hours playing with it (and doing an entire hull was ambitious). With some better quality pics (and some blender trickery) this can make building any model a whole lot easier.

Smaller object and better pics-

Even though the 3D model is pretty small (in white) it can be rescaled at the click of a button (the red one is approx 1/16).

As a 3d model it is still a bit rough but this is straight from the capture software (converted to STL). Took an hour to setup and take the pictures, then the uploading and converting process took another hour (this is all automatic so it was time spent doing other things). A few more hours tweaking in blender/openscad and I'll have a Matilda turret ready to print. And the best part is that its all done using free software.

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