Saturday, 27 May 2017

Hooben 1/16 T-55 (Build)

Finally picked up a T-55.

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The instructions start with the upper hull but (like most RC tankers) I started with the bottom so I could get it running around quicker-

Suspension housings fitted-

Swing arms in place. It's all a bit fiddley but it seems pretty sturdy-

The instructions lie- When fitting the dampners they tell you to assemble them one way (circled Red) but when you fit them the part TA7 needs to be rotated 180 Degrees so that the pivot arm is facing the same way as the pivot arm on the suspension. See the part in the Green circle.

More instruction hiccups-

My tank came with the metal gearbox plate and if you fit the brass support struts the way the instructions show you end up with the drive axls sitting too high. To correct this I had to reverse the struts so instead of  TM38-TM39-TM40 (as per the instructions) I placed them TM40-TM39-TM38. This lined up the drive axels with the centre of holes in the hull.


Part C52 in the instructions looks nothing like part C52 on the spruce -

it is in fact C50 on the spruce-

Part C52 isn't listed on the intstructions but I think it is this part (which doesn't have a part number)-

Geraboxes in and wheels on-

So more problems-
The rear of the top hull was warped so I used a clamp to straighten it and left it in the sun for a few days.

And the loaders hatch hinged doesn't line up. The arms on the hatch are too long-

So I had to shorten them and add a bit of plasticard for strength-

Added weights to the front to try and balance it out-

Made a bit out of plasticard to stop to annoying barrel twist

All ready for some detailing-

Got some wiring done, ready for painting-

Undercoated using Halfords primer-

Gave the undercoat a quick wash-
First coat-


Finished the camo and starting on the weathering

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